MIL-STD 1553

These type of products, IP cores and custom computer designs are specifically engineered for military, avionics and aerospace applications. Sealevel can provide products having ARINC429 standards.


Sealevel’s family of ACC-188 synchronous serial radio adapters provide interoperability among all the various radio brands and models used by the defense community.

Industrial IoT

Sealevel’s Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) hardware and software products are changing and improving several industries through remote data monitoring, predictive analysis, and real-world automation.


Sealevel was the first in the industry to offer a lifetime warranty on I/O.

USB Hubs & Isolators

Sealevel industrial USB hubs are designed for rugged applications requiring a wide operating temperature range and long-term availability.

USB Hubs

SealSO USB Isolators

Serial I/O

Sealevel asynchronous and synchronous serial interfaces are designed for high-speed applications and support RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, and RS-530 electrical interface standards. Product groups can have options from 1 port, up to 16 ports.

USB Serial Adapters

Ethernet Serial Servers

PCIe Asynchronous Serial Adapters

PCIe Synchronous Serial Adapters

PCI Asynchronous Serial Adapters

PCI Synchronous Serial Adapters

Digital & Analog I/O

Monitor and control real-world signals with any computer using Sealevel digital and analog I/O products

USB Digital I/O



Embedded Computing

Sealevel can provide COM Express Modules and its carrier boards, industrial box PCs and Panel PCs.

Computer on Module

Industrial Computers

Touch Panel Computer


Sealevel has a wide range of accessory list which can provide the sustainability of serial and digital I/O application requirements.

Adapters & Converters


Computer Storage

Ethernet Networking

Mounting Hardware

Power Supplies

Relay Racks & Relays


Terminal Blocks

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