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we are a technical distributor providing a broad range of high-tech components to defence, aerospace, transportation, communication, medical and industrial areas.

with over 30 years of experience in electronic, mechanic and interconnect distribution, SACA Europe has a wealth of experience and proven track record. Based in the Netherlands and Poland, our team contains many degree level engineers and product specialists, with extensive product knowledge and market experience.

SACA Europe’s commitment to understand each customer’s specific project requirements and its ability to tailor its solutions to meet most of the demanded specifications, differentiates SACA Europe from other distribution companies within Europe.


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the present

to provide value to our suppliers and customers by delivering state-of-the-art products in a timely manner through well-trained experts and long-lasting support.

the future

to become the first choice of leading technology manufacturers as their global solution partner by delivering our unique, value-added services to all industrial stakeholders while acting in a glocal manner.

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