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    Piezoelectric Motors from Nanomotion

    29 September 2021|

    Nanomotion’s motors and motion modules have been designed to optimize a wide range of optronic applications and used in a wide range of flight, ground/water vehicle and weapon mounted applications that are subjected to [...]

    The best air pressure sensor and module manufacturer: MEMSCAP!

    8 September 2021|

    MEMSCAP®, the high added value MEMS leader, established in 1997, produces MEMS-based pressure sensors, temperature-calibrated pressure transducers and pressure switches, mainly addressing the aerospace & defense markets. MEMSCAP®, pressure transducers are over performing [...]

    NETZER has released a new encoder, VLP-100!

    11 August 2021|

    In continuation to the newly released Two-Plate Ring Encoder VLP-60, Netzer releases the VLP-100. The product exhibits remarkable performance: Tolerant integration Temperature durability Extremely low profile (Height 7mm) This specific encoder will [...]