Why Do We Need Smaller Servo Drives?

In today’s world, technological progress can be attributed to how small the device is and also how efficient it is. As an example of this, we can give the first computer that weighed tons and was gigantic, and now our phones that we can carry in our pockets.

With the rapidly developing technology, expectations from the robotics sector are also increasing, and in parallel with that it also raises the same question “How efficient at what smallness?”

As the robots get smaller, high-performance, and more complex, smaller Servo Drive solutions without sacrificing their capacities and efficiency are becoming more essential.

Importantly, using compact and lightweight servo drives can significantly reduce unnecessary weight which in the long term causes wearing robots out. Moreover, weight reduction is particularly important in industries where the mobility of the equipment is significant, and especially where even a gram of weight is crucial, such as aviation applications, it directly contributes to reducing fuel consumption.

Thanks to its small size and advanced design in meeting demanding needs, ADVANCED Motion Controls mini-size servo drive FM060-100-CM FlexPro! Can be integrated virtually anywhere 👇

Stabilization platforms such as Gimbals, unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, Robotics Arms and more. 

Mini-Sized FM060-100-CM Flexpro

The mini-sized FM060-100-CM FlexPro® drive with IMPACT™ architecture is an all-purpose digital servo drive for centralized or distributed control systems with CANopen communication. Its compact size makes it perfect for any application where space is a limiting factor. This drive is an alternate version of the FE060-100-CM, featuring convenient connectors instead of direct plug-in, so you can easily integrate it into any system.

Let’s listen to the FM060-100-CM Flexpro from ADVANCED Motion Controls’s Application Sales Engineer Cole Brenner.

If these product dimensions are not small enough for your design, meet the Micro Sized FlexPro series 👇