MEMSCAP®, the high added value MEMS leader, established in 1997, produces MEMS-based pressure sensors, temperature-calibrated pressure transducers and pressure switches, mainly addressing the aerospace & defense markets.

MEMSCAP®, pressure transducers are over performing the rigorous requirements of the most demanding applications like aerospace and defense. The products do sustain the high environmental stresses of harsh environments (temperature, shock, vibration, …) and provide with excellent precision, long term stability and reliability.

MEMSCAP® offers world class analog pressure sensors and single and dual port pressure transducers, fully compensated and calibrated, with or without embedded software (DO178 qualified) and many more for critical aerospace/defense applications.

  • SP82 series are pressure sensors, TP series are pressure transducers.
  • SP82 series has absolute, relative and differential measurement types.
  • The MTBF for the SP82 sensor is over 20 years.
  • The TP1200 series includes a single port EEPROM, a memory where calibration data can be stored.
  • TP1200 has absolute and differential measurement types.

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