Nanomotion’s motors and motion modules have been designed to optimize a wide range of optronic applications and used in a wide range of flight, ground/water vehicle and weapon mounted applications that are subjected to a wide range of temperature, shock and vibration.

All of Nanomotion’s motion modules are designed and tested to comply with defense & space and environmental requirements.

EDGE motor is the smallest industrial motor of its kind available in the market place today.


  • Extremely small dimensions
  • Low power consumption
  • ASIC drive and control
  • Wide dynamic velocity range
  • Motor weight of 0.55g
  • Excellent move and settle characteristics
  • Inherent brake at power off

Edge Series Motor Specifications

EDGE-4X Motor offers a small footprint for unlimited linear and rotary motion. The EDGE-4X provides 1.3N max force and is capable of achieving 200mm/sec maximum velocity.


  • Small operating footprint
  • Wide dynamic velocity range
  • Zero backlash
  • Holds position at power off
  • Silent operation
  • Negligible EMI
  • Non-magnetic motor

Edge 4x Motor Data Sheet

VELOX 2.7” IR Payload


  • High sensitivity IR stabilized payload at a weight of 365 grams
  • Skyport connector and analytics unit 125 gram
  • High resolution wide area coverage for enhanced missions
  •  Superior image stabilization capability
  • High speed step and stare, fast response and superior precision
  • Low power consumption providing better longer flight time for any application

Velox Sensing Payload